Choosing the Right Sofa For Your Place

November 16, 2017

Just like buying any other furniture and appliances for your place, there are wise guides and factors for us to consider before buying a sofa. It pays to not be impulsive in buying one and test the different styles first, as Abe Abbas of through her article Things You Need to Do to Pick Your Best Sofa (Test Drive a Sofa Before You Buy), advised, “Test many different styles, and make sure to try them out in a way you would use a sofa at home. Do you like to sit with your legs curled up? Do you like to lie down on it? Do you feel happiest sitting in the center?Consider the height and depth of the seat. For taller people, it is best to have deeper seats.If you find it hard to rise from a seated position, try a shallower seat.When you sit down on a sofa to try it out, take into account the height and feel of the back as well. Do you prefer a tight-back sofa or one with loose cushions? Try out all different cushion configurations to see which one feels right.Do remember to take your shoes off before you place your feet on a sofa in a furniture store if that is your sitting.”    

Amanda, a furniture shop owner from Singapore, shared some tips in buying quality sofas, too, “Aside from making sure it will fit your door once you have it delivered, checking if the fabric is right for your taste is another factor to consider. For instance, there were clients of mine who didn’t like anything rough fabrics so they bought sofas made of leather instead of the ones that easily frays on the edges. Smell the sofa if you want and decide if you can live with it. Some customers end up returning the sofa when they can’t take the smell after  a few days. There are people too who do not like the sound that the leather makes when you sit and shift weight on them so some clients prefer other kind upholsteries. Also, check if the fabric easily stretches or wrinkles.”

Tami, an interior designer from Singapore, on the other hand suggested to first decide on the theme of the living room or wherever you wish to place the sofa, before buying one, “If the sofa you are buying is just an additional piece for a specific spot or room in your place, make sure it will fit in and adhere to a specific theme. Is your living room more like a Victorian inspired spot? Do you want your living room to look modern and trendy with the right sofa? Will you place it in your entertainment room with mostly black furniture and appliances? Or will it be for your master’s bedroom where everything is color beige? It pays to be uniform and minimalistic when in doubt about these things. Make sure it is a comfy one of course. It is more important to consider comfort before style, but if you can find one that can give you both, then, that’s perfect.”

 When it comes to deciding about the hue of the sofa, Melyssa Griffin, through her article How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home posted at , has this to say, “Colorful or neutral? Pinterest has surely turned me into a colorful couch nutcase. I LOVE all of the colorful sofas I see on the internet these days. I toiled with the idea of getting a bright pink or blue one for myself, but ultimately decided that a light grey worked best for my lifestyle and that I could bring color in in different ways. Some things to consider: Are you DEAD SET on a specific color or on the fence? If you’re wishy washy about the color, that may mean that you want it because it’s trendy, not because you really adore it. Ask yourself, will I still love this color two years from now? It’s a lot easier to buy colorful throw pillows and replace those than it is to buy an entirely new couch. Also, consider the other decor in your living room and house. What would fit the theme you have most? Lastly, how will kids or pets affect your couchity couch? I have a corgi who sheds like NO.OTHER. His hairs are white, so I wanted a light-colored sofa to disguise his fur. They blend right in!”